Life and Human Relations established in 1984, is a small, non-profit organization.


Life and Human Relations established in 1984, is a small, non-profit organization providing a high standard of caring support for individuals and families, through counselling and courses focusing on relationship education, parenting and personal development. 

LHR's work was initially inspired by the practice of the French psychologist, Andre Rochais. It has since evolved to include new aspects of importance in today’s world. It centres on intra and inter-personal dynamics, yet remains gentle and human. It is an effective tool of self-development.


Life and Human Relations (LHR) celebrated 30 years of operation in 2014. LHR provides high quality counselling, personal development, family, and relationship courses and education, as well as spiritual retreats given by spiritual director, Br Brian Beggs. The organization was founded by Marist Br Paul Maranta who was a visionary and introduced to Australia this work which includes Metacognitive Awareness, Narrative therapy, Trauma Processing, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Visualization and the strength based approach. All these modern day modalities were integrated into this work – 30 years ago!

We are now adding some new energy based approaches such as Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT) Meta Health,and Matrix Reimprinting, to keep Br Paul’s vision alive and to ensure we remain a cutting edge organization, that continues to adopt an holistic approach to the physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental aspects of human growth and development.


LHR’s approach springs from several convictions.

  • That people are intrinsically good and full
    of potential. 

  • That this potential yearns to be developed for the betterment of ourselves society and
    the world. 

  • That it is possible to heal past wounds in
    our psyche and enjoy greater peace
    and contentment.


  • That our happiness is closely tied to our capacity: 
    - to be open and stick to reality and truth 
    - to believe we are lovable 
    - to choose love rather than non-love in the way we relate
    - to create and sustain quality relationships 
    to develop our spiritual nature. 

  • That our destiny is to become, in a personal relational and spiritual sense, the person the Creator intended us to be.