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Taking Charge of Your Life

Get to know who you really are by discovering and experiencing your own unique gifts and talents. You will find that you can overcome feelings that have held you back …. and take charge of your life!

Relationships And You

Some relationships can be frustrating, infuriating or unhealthy. Discover what prevents you from loving and being loved and be guided in developing your capacity for close, lasting relationships.

My Spiritual Life

Discover and experience deeper aspects of your relationship with the Creator through your own creative capacities. Learn ways of finding the source of peace and contentment in a busy life.

You The Parent

These courses promote harmony between parents and children. You will learn how your relationships with your children can be strengthened and enriched to allow you to share in the joy of their growing up.

Step Blended Families

Developed to help participants explore the dynamics of step-parenting, over three sessions of short practical and educational input, with the following topics: 1. The Myths and Truths about step-families 2. Heal from the Past and Learn to Move Forward 3. The do’s and don’ts about step-discipline: how to be proactive other than reactive.

Counselling Course

It is preferable to have attended other LHR courses before this course, as an insight into yourself and how you relate is an essential factor in helping others. As well as theory, this course includes opportunities for practical experience in active listening and counselling in triads.

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