Life and Human Relations established in 1984, is a small, non-profit organization providing a high standard of caring support for individuals and families through counselling and courses in relationship education, parenting and personal development.



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Thursday 9:30am 

Pray with us every thursday morning and
join us for morning tea.

Our work is spiritual as well as psychological and based on prayer. We meet every Thursday at 9:30am (in term time) to pray and have informal discussion, and morning tea. All are welcome to join this prayer morning just contact us to let us know you are coming. 

Each person who comes to us is prayed for constantly by all. Every person can discover within his / her Being, some absolute value which he / she holds. It might be called God, conscience, truth, integrity, or love. When you are able to live more and more, according to the promptings of such an absolute, a type of soundness, different in nature from personal soundness appears this is spiritual soundness.