What do our courses include?

All of the LHR courses include printed material which are the GSA’s which means Guidelines for Self Analysis which are the questions that lead to your self discovery. Also included in the price is morning and afternoon tea, and supper on the Friday night.


What does the FOCCUS course include?

FOCCUS includes 3 sessions with a trained Foccus facilitator these sessions are booked through the office. You will receive a certificate on completion of the course. This course has a different price, please click here for more information.


When do I pay for a course?

You can pay for a course as soon as it says 'Register now'. If you are doing the Foccus sessions you must speak with the facilitator first and get booked in before you pay.

Why are the courses held  over a whole weekend?

The questions flow, and are in a certain order to allow the participant to receive the maximum benefit from the experience. Each course has two parts, participants can do part one as a stand alone but you are unable to do Part two of a course if you haven’t completed part one. It is recommended that you attend for all of the weekend.


What does Counseling involve?

Our counseling sessions last for one and a half hours. Your first session will be a get to know you and the issues that you are worried about. The counselor will then work with you in further sessions to help resolve these issues.


How do I pay? 

Visit our contact page and you will see our bank details. When registering for the course, notify us that you have paid.